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Legendary Ninja Battles

5.36K Played107 Comments

Legendary Ninja Battles - This is really the great awesome free online game you choice at, in this great awesome free game, you will get very fun and happy experience. After play this game, do not for...

Cut The Rope

5.08K Played2 Comments

Solve each puzzle to feed the papa panda some candy. Earn bonus points for feeding baby pandas and collecting yin-yang charms! Plump up these pandas with piles of candy!

Tank 2012 Game

2.35K Played1 Comments

Tank 2012 - The battle of the tanks is on again! Is this the final exciting chapter? Will you survive? Your objective is clear, destroy all who stand in your way, complete your missions, save the planet, make money, a...

Desert Rifle 2

2.28K Played0 Comments

Enroll for an elite marksman mission deep into enemy territory. Try to shoot everything you'll see, but watch your ammo, it`s expensive and limited. Buy yourself weapons, ammo and mines before each battle. Mouse - Aim...

Adam and Eve

3.36K Played4 Comments

Hotgamesplay - Pick UP! Adam and Eve Flash Game at TopGamer. Travel the levels of this top down game while figuring out the puzzles to reach Adam or Eve.

Collapse It Game

2.01K Played14 Comments

Collapse It Game - Place bombs on each demolition site and click Boom when you are ready to detonate. Use as few bombs as possible to boost your score and maximize the destruction. Blow these buildings to bits!!

Big Pixel Zombies

2.02K Played2 Comments

Big Pixel Zombies Games - Stay alive as long as you can in this 3D zombie rampage. [WADS] to move around Mouse to aim / shoot [Q] [E] to switch weapons

Baby Hazel Hair Day – Baby Games Free

2.86K Played1 Comments

Baby Hazel Hair Day - Oh no! What has Matt done. He has squeezed a glue tube on Baby Hazel's head. Her hair have become untidy and rough. Give Hazel a gentle hair wash using mild shampoo and conditioner. And now it's ...

Baby Hazel Friendship Day – Baby Games Free

1.73K Played1 Comments

Games68.Net - Baby Hazel and friends are excited to celebrate Friendship Day with their new friend, Kenny. Let's join the kids to celebrate most fun-filled Friendship Day party. Visit funfair to enjoy fun rides, go fo...

Baby Hazel Thanksgiving Makeover – Baby Games Free

1.48K Played2 Comments

HotGamesPlay - It's time to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with Baby Hazel! On this special occasion, Hazel wants to have a hot new look. As mom is busy with festive preparations, can you help her in getting ready for the...

Baby Hazel Halloween Night – Baby Games Free

1.74K Played1 Comments

HotGamesPlay - It's time to celebrate Halloween with Baby Hazel! Enjoy a memorable Halloween night with Hazel and friends playing fun-packed Halloween games and activities. Go for treat-or-treating, dance to the rocki...

Diesel and Death

1.83K Played1 Comments

Race as Death against your rival Diesel in this intense motorcycle racing flash game! Collect weapons throughout the board to help defeat Diesel, but be careful Diesel will shoot back his own weapons and try to kill y...

Baby Hazel Alien Friend – Baby Games Free

1.33K Played1 Comments

HotGamesPlay - A cute guest from space has arrived at Baby Hazel's door steps. It's an adorable little alien. Baby Hazel needs your help to look after the little Alien. But Hazel is too young to complete alien care ac...

Mutant Fighting Cup 2016

2.48K Played0 Comments

Mutant Fighting Cup 2016 - Welcome back to the awesome Mutant Fighting Cup! In this release you can battle for the monster cat championship. Grow your kitty first and let it mutate to a real monstrous cat beast as you...

Madmen Racing 2 Game

2.03K Played0 Comments

Madmen Racing 2 - The madmen are back! In Madmen Racing 2 you get to race crazy cars and perform amazing stunts. In this soap race style driving game, each vehicle has its own physics, handling, and specifications. Up...

Minion Love Kiss Game

3.04K Played47 Comments

Minion Love Kiss - Minion were in love with the fire hydrant. When they are on dating, he always want to kiss her. But there are some impediment disturbing him. Girls,can you help him avoid being seen by others? Come ...

Strike Force Heroes

1.72K Played0 Comments

Games68.Net - An all new action-packed shooter from the creators of Raze; with 3 game modes, 15 campaign missions and over 65 weapons.

Sentry Knight Conquest

1.86K Played1 Comments

Sentry Knight Conquest - Take control of The Marksman and blast through hordes of enemies with your trusty gun in this new adventure set in the Sentry Knight universe. Upgrade your character, unlock both familiar and ...

Dora Mermaid Pearl Finding

1.46K Played0 Comments

HotGamesPlay - Dora mermaid is tired of jewelry shop pearl necklace, so she wants to make a pearl necklace by herself. And now, she has her own ideas. First, she must collect enough all sorts of pearls, but while she ...

Super Bike Ride Games

2.02K Played0 Comments

HotGamesPlay - Go on a super bike ride in the mountains and grab those dollars. Buy bigger motors with more power with the cash you make during your crazy rides. Have fun

Baby Hazel Grandparents Day – Baby Games Free

1.53K Played0 Comments

HotGamesPlay - Hurray! Today is Grandparents' Day. On this special occasion, Baby Hazel's preschool has invited the kids along with their grandparents. Let's join Hazel and friends to celebrate grandparents' Day along...

Baby Sibling Care

2.03K Played16 Comments

Baby Sibling Care is a game that will ask for your help to take care of this cute baby sibling. Try your best to give the best service for the baby sibling! You will have to feed and give them toys regarding their nee...

FLAPPY BIRD 2 – Hot Games

2.70K Played17 Comments

You are waiting for the sequel of Flappy Bird? The waiting has an end because Flappy Bird 2 is here! Flap, flap, flap and flap again or die a frustating pixel death like billions of cute pixel birds before. Enjoy Flap...

Planet Juicer

1.30K Played0 Comments

Planet Juicer The Core Juice Corporation is counting on you to

Baby Hazel Harvest Festival – Baby Games Free

1.51K Played1 Comments

HotGamesPlay - This season, celebrate a joyful Harvest Festival with Baby Hazel. Be with Baby Hazel to enjoy fun-filled games and activities, feast on yummy treats, pick fresh veggies and fruits and much more. So, let...

Dora Alien Shooting

1.47K Played1 Comments

HotGamesPlay - One day, Dora is playing in the yard, suddenly, a spaceship land in the yard, Dora is very curious, and she goes into the spaceship. Suddenly, the spaceship flies to the sky. A few minutes later, the sp...

Hurdles Road To Olympic Games

1.67K Played0 Comments

HotGamesPlay - Compete in Athletic Jumping in different cities around the world. Your mission is to reach in each race at least third place and win a gold, silver or bronze medal. With each victory you win some money ...

Baby Hazel Nature Explorer – Baby Games Free

1.50K Played1 Comments

HotGamesPlay - Hurray! Today Baby Hazel will be visiting the outskirts along with her cousin, Ashley. They have to collect various items required for Ashley's class assignment. Let's join the kids to explore farm, for...

Baby Hazel Family Picnic – Baby Games Free

1.47K Played0 Comments

Hurray! There is a holiday treat for Baby Hazel! Hazel and family are going for a picnic. As mom is a busy feeding Matt, help Hazel to pack picnic basket. The join Hazel and family to enjoy toy train ride, feast on de...

Bump Battle Royale Games

1.29K Played0 Comments

Games68.Net - Do you wanna to see on the robot's fight? Choose this game! Here you will guide robots and their aim is to push the opponent down. Do it as quick as you can, and you will be our hero! Use all tips and pl...

BMX Stunts – Sik Trix BMX

1.33K Played0 Comments

HotGamesPlay - Hit the jumps and do some tricks! I could play this all day. Control: Arrow keys to move and do tricks.

Baby Hazel Summer Camp – Baby Games Free

1.66K Played0 Comments

Baby Hazel Summer Camp - Hurray! Summer camp is organized by Baby Hazel’s preschool. Help little princess in packing all the essentials required for camping. Then the Hazel and friends to enjoy a lot of fun-packed act...

Carbon Auto Theft 2

1.41K Played0 Comments

Games68.Net - You are a car thief. Enter the car and then put in the code to start the engine with the help of the arrow keys. If you hit the car or do not leave in time the police will come and arrest you. Good Luck!!

Candy Buff Game

1.82K Played1 Comments

Candy Buff Game - Collect as much candy as you can before you lose your sugar rush! -Press the space bar or click the left mouse button to jump. Double click to jump extra high! Collect candy before you run out of ene...

18 Wheeler 3D Games

1.35K Played0 Comments

HotGamesPlay - 18 Wheeler 3D is one of the most challenging truck sim games around! Drive your way through ten levels, testing your driving skills to the limit. Weave through tight streets, crowded corners and sharp t...

Games Galaxy Force

1.68K Played1 Comments

Let's frag some aliens! Use your grenade launcher to explode these aliens at just the right moment!

Baby Hazel Christmas Surprise – Baby Games Free

1.51K Played11 Comments

HotGamesPlay - Christmas time is here again! Baby Hazel and friends are eagerly waiting for Santa Claus to come and give them presents. Santa has brought gifts for all the kids in his magical toy bag. Oh no! But Hazel...

Angry Birds

2.96K Played1 Comments

Play Angry Birds flash game and help the birds get their revenge on the green pigs by knocking down their fortresses. Use the mouse to guide the hand to draw back on the catapult to fire a bird.

Strike Force Heroes 2

2.31K Played0 Comments

Strike Force Heroes 2 - Customize 5 unique soldiers with hundreds of weapons, attachments, armour upgrades and camouflages. Play the campaign for a continuation of the Strike Force Heroes storyline in this action-pack...

Agar Games

1.62K Played0 Comments

The smash hit game! Control your cell and eat other players to grow larger! Play with millions of players around the world and try to become the biggest cell of all!

Baby Hazel Tree House – Baby Games Free

1.38K Played1 Comments

Baby Hazel has lost her ball in the Tree House. Let's join Baby Hazel to help in her in looking for the ball in 3 different rooms of Tree House. These rooms are filled with a lot of fun activities and surprises. So, g...

Captain America Rush

1.49K Played0 Comments

HotGamesPlay - Captain America is again trying to save the world, this time on his epic motorcycle! In Captain America Motorbike Rush Race you to the LEGO version of Captain America through the streets

Baby New Year Party

1.95K Played1 Comments

HotGamesPlay - New Year is coming; the cute baby is so exciting. Now help her to decide what to dress, and then help her to decorate the house and prepare New Year party dinner, Baby New Year Party. Control

Dirt Showdown: Slam And Sprint Challenge Play

1.54K Played94 Comments

Dirt Showdown: Slam And Sprint Challenge Play - It's time to get an adrenalin rush! take part in this crazy race

Baby Hazel Pet Doctor – Baby Games Free

1.53K Played0 Comments

HotGamesPlay - Baby Hazel decides to play Pet Doctor game along with her cousin, Ashley. so. Let join the kids to treat cute little pets and make them healthy. Get Hazel ready for the games by dressing her up in docto...

Baby Hazel Fluffy Cat – Baby Games Free

2.10K Played0 Comments

Baby Hazel Fluffy Cat - Baby Hazel's world is full of surprises! Today, she found a little cat, Fluffy, who was badly injured as she had a petty fight with other cats. Now Fluffy needs an urgent medical treatment! Hel...

Baby Hazel Fairyland Ballet – Baby Games Free

1.70K Played0 Comments

Guess what! Our darling Baby Hazel has got a chance to participate in Fairyland Ballet competition. She needs a little styling sense from you and get ready for the competition. Dress up little princess in nice-looking...

Baby Hazel Pet Hospital 2 – Baby Games Free

1.57K Played1 Comments

Baby Hazel Pet Hospital 2 - Baby Hazel needs your help to run and manage a pet hospital. She needs a vet in her hospital who can treat her pets and other pet animals in her town with love and care. Can you be the one?...

Baby Hazel Dinosaur Park – Baby Games Free

1.45K Played0 Comments

HotGamesPlay - It's holiday treat for Baby Hazel today! Hazel and her cousins have flown to visit the Dinosaur Park. Each zone in the park if filled with a lot of activities and surprise gifts. Let's join the kids to ...

Super Mario Bros Flash

1.37K Played0 Comments

HotGamesPlay - Play as either Mario or Luigi in this brilliant Flash version of the classic Super Mario Bros. game. Dont forget to use Space Bar to throw fireballs!

Earn to Die 2: Exodus

1.90K Played0 Comments

HotGamesPlay - The city has been overrun! Unlock and upgrade vehicles and drive your way through zombie hordes in order to escape. (13+)

Baby Hazel Photoshoot – Baby Games Free

1.40K Played0 Comments

It's photoshoot time for Baby Hazel! Uncle Adam is launching a Kids Fashion magazine. He has decided to shoot Hazel for his magazine. Can you help Hazel in photo shoot preparations. Dress her up in stylish outfits and...

Baby Hazel Fashion Party – Baby Games Free

1.74K Played24 Comments

HotGamesPlay - Hurray! Baby Hazel and Matt are invited for their friend's birthday party. Fashion Show is the theme of the party and siblings have to look fabulous with stylish makeover. Bathe cute little Matt and dre...

Dora’s Overalls Design

3.00K Played63 Comments

Dora Game - Dora wants to buy a overall from the store. But we have a better idea! Why don't we design a new overall for her? Choose your favorite shape and get started! Measurement, cutting, sewing..Use your talent t...

Baby Hazel Learn Animals – Free Games Online – HOT Game Free

1.45K Played0 Comments

Today, Baby Hazel and friends will learn about animals and birds in their class. Let's join the kids and help them in completing fun-filled activities and assignments related to animals.

Motorbike Racer 3D

1.57K Played0 Comments

HotGamesPlay - Throw on a helmet and get racing in this fast paced motorcycle game! Compete for the best times and unlock new levels as you complete each track! Use Arrow Keys to interact.

Baby Hazel Eye Care – Baby Games Free

1.34K Played1 Comments

HotGamesPlay - Baby Hazel is having infection in her eyes! She needs a quick medical treatment. Go along with Hazel to clinic for the eyes treatment. Be with her and look after her needs during the checkup. Help an ey...

Freestyle Motoracer

1.72K Played0 Comments

HotGamesPlay - Ride the motorcycle from the start to the finish overcoming countless barriers. Use arrows and space bar to rule

Zombie Night Game

1.42K Played3 Comments

Hoards of the undead are heading your way. Take them out, one by one, and earn lots of money to buy awesome upgrades for your weapons. How long will you survive in this zombie game?

Baby Hazel Cinderella Story – Baby Games Free

1.26K Played0 Comments

Baby Hazel's unbelievable imaginations are delight to others. Join Hazel in her fantasy world and experience a life of Cinderella. The popular folk tale of Cinderella tells about a young girl named, Cinderella, who is...

Waterworks Game – Free Games Online

952 Played0 Comments

Waterworks! is a card-based strategy game. You've been placed in charge of the water supply in the medieval town of Grudziądz. You'll have to use your management skills to make sure every house has enough water and at...

Crusader Defence Level Pack 2

1.02K Played2 Comments

Return to a world of adventure and excitement as you prepare for another series of exciting battles. Assemble your units and defend the city from your enemies in this tower defense game.

Uphill Racing 2

1.13K Played1 Comments

UPHILL RACING 2 - The most fun and addictive HTML5 racing game is back! In this physics-based racer you climb uphill using many different vehicles like a monster truck, a lorry or even a 6 wheeler ATV. Each vehicle...

Air Warfare Game

361 Played0 Comments

Air Warfare Game – Destroy enemy aircraft, gather supplies, first-aid kits and fuel in an endless battle mode!

Billiards Game

817 Played0 Comments

Play Billiards Games - Top Games HOT - Video Games HOT

Tank Defender

257 Played0 Comments

Tank defender – this is a game about the defense of their territories from enemy invaders, in this beautiful game you control a super tank, the main task is to defend your territory as long as possible from enemy plan...

Hero Rescue Games

903 Played1 Comments

Hero Rescue Clone is an addicting logic game in which your mission is to help a hero get a lost treasure. To do so, you’ll have to figure out how to make the treasure fall through the castle’s rooms to your hero. If y...

Mad Fish Games

1.06K Played0 Comments

This is a small game in which you play with piranha, the goal of the game is to grow big fish, you must eat smaller fishes than you and do not come across big fish yourself, otherwise you too can be eaten!

Viking Escape

220 Played0 Comments

Viking escape – is a game in which you control a Viking flying on a dragon, the Viking must go its way to the end to get out of a dark forest filled with goblins and other mutants. Viking can throw different types of ...

Candy Diamond Games

886 Played0 Comments

Candy Diamond Games - Once you play, you can't forget it. Let's discover this game and share to your friends who love puzzle games.


174 Played0 Comments

The plumber - connect two water points in a short time to drain the water. This game has 30 levels with a gradually increasing degree of complexity

Dangerous Racing Games

818 Played0 Comments

'Dangerous Driving' - Dangerous Racing Games is a racing game in the vein of 'Burnout' with lots of speed and crashes

Gold Coast Games

815 Played0 Comments

The goal of the game is to collect the required number of points for passing to the next level of the mine, you need to collect precious stones, gold, silver and bags with bonuses, also beware of explosive barrels, yo...

Kingdom Defense

155 Played0 Comments

Kingdom Defense is a cool game about protecting your fortress, upgrading your heroes, pumping your tower

Space Purge Games

834 Played0 Comments

Space Purge Games: Defend earth from asteroids and small planets. Drag your spacecraft and shoot. A Shooting game.

Zombie Buster

1.12K Played0 Comments

Zombie Buster – it’s a very cool game, to destroy zombies, and you have a bazooka with super bombs. Save the whole world by clearing the planet from zombie invasion. This game has 20 levels with a gradually increasing...

Mad Scientist

82 Played0 Comments

Mad Scientist - This is a very cool fast game in which you play as a mad scientist

Tappy Shots Game

839 Played0 Comments

Tap to jump, keep shooting hoops until time runs out! Challenge yourself or your friends and try to be the MVP!

Brick Breaker Unicorn

63 Played0 Comments

Brick Breaker Unicorn Game - The aim of the game is to destroy all the bricks and collect any falling

Hit Em Up

1.12K Played1 Comments

Hit Em Up it’s a very cool game, to destroy zombies, and you have a bazooka with super bombs. Save the whole world by clearing the planet from zombie invasion.